Create an Event

Now that you have completed the setup process, you are ready to create your upcoming events in CompetitionSuite!

  1. Under your organization's menu, click on Upcoming Events.
  2. Click on the box Create a New Event.

   3.  In the pop-up box, enter your event's information, including Name, Location, Season, and Event Date. Under Event Type, you can choose from Single Competition, Prelims & Finals, and Prelims, Semifinals & Finals. For each type, the system will request you to enter the event dates of each competition.

Click on Continue.

   4.  The CompetitionSuite pricing page will come up. You can choose from the four pricing options for your event, and at the bottom, you can enter a new Credit Card or (if applicable) you can choose from one of the saved credit cards on file. For an explanation of our pricing levels, see our Pricing Article here.

Once you have chosen your desired level, click on Create Event.

   5.  The system will take you to the Event Details page for your newly created event. Here, it is important to select from the drop-down box which scoring system will apply to this new event. Once selected, click on Save Event Details.

   6.  Your new event will now show under the Upcoming Events tab in your organization's main menu

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