Pricing Guidelines

CompetitionSuite offers three levels of service - Basic, Standard & Premium based on the needs of your event.

Service Description Basic Standard


Registration Collect registrations & payments Yes Yes Yes
Scheduling Generate & publish event schedules Yes Yes Yes
Scoring Event score tabulation Yes Yes Yes
Audio Commentary Judge commentary recordings Yes Yes
Performance Video Performance video upload capabilities
Pricing $4/performance $7/performance $10/performance

Pricing is provided on a per-performance basis. For example, an event with 30 performances would be priced as follows:

Basic Service - 30 performances X $4/performance = $120.00

Standard Service - 30 performances X $7/performance = $210.00

Premium Service - 30 performances X $10/performance = $300.00

Payment Process

When setting up your event, you must provide a credit card to activate your event. On the morning of your event, your credit card will be charged the per-performance rate for all of the performances that have been setup in the system. The day following your event, your credit card will be charged for any additional performances added on the day of the event. If you removed performances from your event, then you will receive a refund for those specific performances.


For questions concerning billing, please contact for assistance.

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