Enabling Season Memberships

Season Membership allows groups to submit their Membership Registration directly within CompetitionSuite. To enable Season Membership Registration, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your CompetitionSuite Account and select the organization you'd like to work with from the dropdown list on the left.
  2. Click Settings on the far right of the ribbon.
  3. Select the season you'd like to enable Registration for. (NOTE: You can only enable registration for a season that already exists.)
  4. Click the Membership Setup tab.
  5. Click the Enable Membership toggle.
  6. There are two separate options for Event Registrations.
    1. If your Organization requires that Membership Fees be paid before Groups can access Event Registration, set the Event Registration toggle to Required.
    2. If your Organization does not require that Membership Fees be paid before Groups are able to access Event Registration, set the Event Registration toggle to Not Required.
  7. To create a membership level, click the Create Membership Level button.
  8. Complete the information for your new membership level on the popup screen.
    1. Name - The name of your membership level.
    2. Open Date - The date that the registration will begin for this membership level.
    3. Close Date - The date that the registration will close for this membership level.
    4. Payment Due Date - The date that payments are due for this membership level.
    5. Free Events - If your groups get certain number of free events with their membership, enter that number here.
    6. Group Max Events - If you restrict the number of events that a group can register for, enter that number here
  9. Set your fee amounts in the Fee Level table at the bottom of the popup. If you need to add additional fee levels, click the Add Another Fee Level button.
  10. Once all of your fee levels have been created, click the Divisions tab.
  11. Set each of the classes that can register for this membership level to Allow using the toggles provided.
  12. Click Save to save your new Membership Level.
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