Organization Access Level Definitions

CompetitionSuite has several options for restricting access for users of your organization. Here are definitions for each of the Access Levels currently available.

  • Organization Admin - Complete access to your organization, including the ability to modify scoring systems, make organization wide changes and modify other settings.
    • IMPORTANT: Organization Admins have the ability to do anything within your account, including cancelling and deleting your organization. We suggest reserving this option to a select few within your organization. Most organizations will only have one or two Organization Admins.
  • Contact Management - Provides access to the "People" tab, which will enable the user to manage user accounts with access to your organization. The user will be able to manage user permissions for existing and new users.
  • Group Management - Provides access to the "Groups" tab which will enable the user to create and manage groups, including adding and removing staff members to individual groups.
  • Event Management - Provides access to the "Events" tab and enables the user to add events and manage event settings, but does not permit the user to access the scoring and other sections of events.
  • Head Tabulator - Provides complete access to the "Events" tab and access to all of the options available for individual events.
  • Commentary Management - Provides access to the commentary management section for all events.
  • Performance Review - Provides access to event performances for review purposes only. Users will be able to see everything available under the "Performances" link, including group score summaries, commentary and performance videos.
  • Video Management - Provides access to upload, download and manage performance videos for events.
  • Announcer - Provides access to download performance music and print spiel scripts (if enabled).
  • Messaging - Provides access to the event messaging tab which enables users to send SMS text messages to competing groups for events
  • Send Mailbox Message - Provides access to the Email tab and enables users to send organization wide emails on behalf of your organization.
  • Score Preview - Allows access to the Score Preview function for events, which will allow users to view event scores and recaps regardless of their release status.
  • Invoices - Provides access to the Invoices tab, which will allow users to manage invoices and payments
  • Registration Payments - sends an email notification to the user each time a group makes a registration payment for a season membership
  • Forms Access - provides access to the Forms tab which allows groups to view and manage voting forms.
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