Event Access Level Definitions

In addition to the options CompetitionSuite has for controlling access at the Organization level, administrators are also able to manage user access at the event level. For example, if you have a tabulator that only needs access to one event and not your entire organization, you can enable their access on the event level.  Here are definitions for each of the Access Levels currently available for events:

  • Full Access - Gives access to all areas of the event, including the event setup menu option. IMPORTANT - There are many settings available to users within events. We recommend reserving full access to events for those in your organization that you trust. These users will have the ability to alter scores and even cancel and delete your event.
  • Event Setup - Gives access to the event setup menu option, which allows the user to manage settings such as the scoring system, performance list, registration and more.
  • Performance Review - Provides access to event performances for review purposes only. Users will be able to see everything available under the "Performances" link, including group score summaries, commentary and performance videos.
  • Score Management - Provides access to the scoring tab, which will enable users to manage and alter scores for the event.
  • Commentary Management - Provides access to the commentary tab, which will enable users to manage commentary files.
  • Video Management - Provides access to the video tab, which will enable users to upload and manage performance video files from the event
  • Announcer - Grants access to the Announcer tab, which permits users to download performance music and access spiel scripts (if enabled).
  • Judge App Status - Grants access to the Judge Status tab, which allows users to see the status of judge tablets including their battery levels, pending uploads, software versions and more
  • Messaging - Grants access to the Messaging tab which allows users to send SMS text messages to participating groups
  • Score Preview - Gives access to the Score Preview tab, enabling the user to access scores and recaps regardless of their release status
  • Score Release - Grants access to the Score Release tab, which enables users to publish scores via the integrated API and built in score and recaps distribution system.
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