Bandwidth Estimates

In preparation for your event, you may need to get a hot spot so the judges have an internet connection.  The amount of bandwidth needed is variable based on what features you will be using.

Scores utilize a very small amount of bandwidth.  If judges are only providing scores, you should be fine with the lowest amount of bandwidth offered by the service provider (typically 1 GB).

Commentary files are approximately 1 MB per minute.  Based on this, you should be able to take the normal show length, the number of performances, and the number of judges you have to calculate the amount of bandwidth you'll need for commentary files.  For example, if a normal show is 6 minutes (6 MB per commentary file), there are 10 performances, and 3 judges, you would end up with approximately 180 MB of bandwidth needed (6 x 10 x 3 = 180 MB) for that event.

Video should not be uploaded via a hot spot.  Videos are typically very large and will cost a significant amount in bandwidth.  We suggest uploading videos if you have normal WIFI provided by the venue or waiting until you get home (or to the hotel).

Keep in mind, tabulators and admins will probably connect to the hot spot so you will need to get more bandwidth than calculated above to ensure you don't run out.

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