Tabulation with the Tablet App

When the judges are using the CompetitionSuite Judge tablet app, the job of a tabulator is easier, but just as important. Instead of entering scores and uploading commentary, you will be monitoring and supporting the judges.

As a tabulator, you need to monitor the tablets to ensure that they are connected to the internet, have enough battery, and that scores and commentary files are uploading successfully.

CompetitionSuite provides tools to help monitor these items and manage the tablets in general.


Some judges may not know their password, that's not a problem.  As a tabulator, you are able to log into the app as a Tabulator.  You need to enter your email and your password that you use to log into CompetitionSuite.  Make sure to select Tabulator before tapping Login.

This will present you with a screen that allows you to select which event the judge will be working and what judge you want to assign the tablet to.

Once you've assigned the tablet to the judge, you can hand the tablet over to the judge to use during the event.

Monitoring Battery and Connectivity

Since the judges have their mind on the performances they're judging, it's your job to monitor their tablets to ensure that they don't run out of battery and that the scores and commentary are being synchronized to CompetitionSuite.

On the tablet status page, you will see a list of all the judges for each division.  You'll be able to see what type of device they have, the version of the tablet app, when they last reported a status, what their battery level is, how many files are left to process and upload, and whether they are recording at the moment or not.

Verifying Commentary

As commentary is recorded and uploaded to the system, it's important to verify that the files are correct and that you can hear the judge clearly.  If you can't hear the judge clearly, he or she may have the microphone placement wrong or the microphone may not be plugged incorrectly.

Once you've listened to a commentary file and verified it's correct, click the checkmark next to the file to mark it as verify.  This lets yourself and any other tabulators working the event know that the file is already verified and correct.

Locking Scores and Judge Verification

Once a division or round is over, it's important to make sure that scores do not change without your knowledge.  To prevent scores from changing, you can "lock" them from being changed by the judges (the tabulator still has access to change/update scores).

To lock the scores, go to the "Scoring" tab of the event.  You will see a list of all performances and judges.  Any score that has an open lock is able to be changed, so you should click the open lock to lock it.

Judges have the ability to verify scores regardless of whether the score is locked yet or not.  If the score has been verified, the lock will be closed and a green checkmark will appear next to the lock.  If you lock a score and a judge needs it changed, they can "reject" a score and a red X will appear next to the lock.  This is your indicator that you should speak with the judge and either unlock the score so they can adjust or you can adjust through the tabulation software.

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