Performance Videos

CompetitionSuite does not provide a videographer.  You will need to have someone record the performance videos and upload them to the CompetitionSuite system.

Performance videos are not synchronized with judge commentary.  They are standalone recordings of the performance that you upload.

CompetitionSuite provides a way to distribute videos of performances.  You can upload videos of the following types: 

  • mp4
  • mov
  • mts
  • m4v
  • avi
  • mpg
  • mkv
  • 3gp

I suggest having the files be less than 1 GB in size.  This should be more than enough details since DVDs hold 4 GB of data and movies are typically between 1-2 hours.

Uploading Performance Videos

To upload performance videos, navigate into your event and click the Video menu option:

When you have the video ready, you can click the Upload button (looks like a cloud with an up arrow) and select the file to be uploaded.

You must wait until the progress bar completes and disappears before navigating away from the page.  You can upload multiple files at a time, but I suggest limiting the number of uploads at a time to 3 to ensure they upload quickly due to the amount of bandwidth required to upload large video files.

Restricting Performance Videos

The download of videos is restricted by default.  Only group members who have been explicitly granted permission to download videos are able to.  To remove this restriction, you can change the Restrict Downloads option to No.  If you would like to limit the number of times a video can be downloaded, you can change the Maximum Downloads option to a number greater than 1.

Granting Download Access

To grant an account the ability to download videos when they are restricted, you will need to go to the Groups area:

Then click on the appropriate group.  At the end of the line for the person that should have download access, click the drop-down and select Grant Video Download Access.

To remove download access, follow the instructions above but select the Remove Video Download Access option:

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