Adding Staff Members

If you are an administrator, you can add other administrators (directors, coaches, etc.) and staff members to your group.  Below is a breakdown of what each type has access to:

Administrator: Administrators have access to everything a Staff Member has access to but can also: add and remove other administrators/staff members; signup for critique; and upload performance music.

Staff Member: Staff members have access to: view scores, score summaries, and recaps; listen to commentary; and watch uploaded performance videos.

Adding a Staff Member

  1. Log into your CompetitionSuite account and select the group you want to manage.

  2. Click on Staff Management.  If Staff Management is disabled, you are not an administrator of your group.  Please contact another administrator or the host organization of your competitions for access.
  3. Enter your staff member's email address and click Add Staff Member.
  4. If appropriate, change the staff member to an administrator.

  5. Repeat step #3 and #4 for all staff members.

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