Membership Signup

You can sign up for membership in your circuit or organization by visiting the link provided by your circuit.  If you don't know the link, please contact your organization's administration.

To sign up, decide which membership level you need and whether the group is new or if they competed with the organization previously.

Fill in the information requested, including group name, division, unit director information, and emergency contact information.

If you need to register additional groups, click the Add Additional Group button and repeat the steps above.

When you are finished, click the Complete Membership button.

If there is a fee associated with the membership signup, you'll be asked to provide billing information and select to be invoiced or provide a credit card.

When you're finished filling in the information, click Save Payment Information to complete the membership.  If you chose to be invoiced, the email address provided as the billing email address will receive the invoice shortly.

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