Configuring Performance Music

Performance music allows groups to upload any music that accompanies their performance.

Only Color Guard events are enabled for performance music.  If you are hosting another type of event that needs performance music, please email for assistance.

Setting Up Performance Music

To set up Performance Music, you must have an event set up.  Once the event is set up, follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on the Performance Music Setup menu option.
  2. Click Yes next to Allow Performance Music.
  3. Provide a date for Allow Uploads Until.
    At the time provided, CompetitionSuite will take a "snapshot" of the performance music that was uploaded at that time and it will be stored for the event to prevent changes that are made from affecting the performance.  If you change the date/time to a time earlier than right now, a snapshot will be taken immediately.  If a snapshot is already taken and you change the date/time to the future, the snapshot will be deleted and a new snapshot will be taken at the date/time provided.
  4. Click Save Performance Music Setup.

Learn how to access the uploaded Performance Music.

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