Configuring Critique Signup

CompetitionSuite allows you to setup a Critique Signup for your events.  Critique is a time where the competing group's directors, coaches, and/or staff are able to speak with the judge to ask questions and provide explanation for their decisions.

Groups can't sign up for critique until they are set to compete in a competition.  Registering for an event does not give critique signup access.

Setting up Critique Signup

Once you have created your event, you can set up critique signup

  1. Click on Critique Signup for your event
  2. Click the Yes button to allow Critique Signup
  3. Provide the date and time that critique signup should close in Allow Signup Until
  4. Click Save Critique Signup Setup to save your changes
  5. To create critique time slots, click Create new Time Slot and a screen will pop up
  6. Provide a name for the Time Slot and the maximum number of groups that can sign up for the time slot in Maximum Groups
  7. Select the divisions that are allowed to sign up for the time slot by clicking on the division name
  8. Click Save
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