Configure Spiel Script

Spiel sheets is a script that you can give to the announcer to help introduce each group that will be competing in an event.

Spiel Script Setup

  1. Go to your Organization's settings page by clicking Settings from the main organization screen.
  2. Click on Spiel Scripts under Standard Setup.
  3. In the box provided, type what you'd like the announcer to say while introducing a group and format the text as necessary.  We recommend including the event name and group name at the top of each script to avoid confusion.

After you have typed up the script, you can inject "variables" into the script where the words will change for each group.  To insert a variable:

  1. Highlight the words you'd like to replace with a variable
  2. Click the {x} button
  3. A box will pop up with the available variables.By default, you will have the variables in the General Information area.  You can collect other variables by configuring them in the Data Collection section.
  4. Click the variable name you'd like to insert.  The box will disappear and the text will be replaced with the variable name with an orange background.
  5. Repeat the process for any other text you'd like to be group specific.
  6. Click Save Spiel Template when you are finished with your changes
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