Scoring Systems (Glossary)

Scoring systems are the basis of everything in CompetitionSuite. There are 3 levels that make up a scoring system: Category, Caption, and Subcaption.

  • Category is the highest level. It groups similar captions together and provides a total of those captions. To be useful, it must have a caption. (Empty categories will not be displayed anywhere.) Categories can have a multiplier, divisor, and/or addend. 

  • Captions are made up of subcaptions, where judges are assigned and commentary is uploaded. You can have a caption without any subcaptions if you do not wish for the judge to provide any scores. Captions can have a multiplier and/or divisor. 

  • At the lowest level are Subcaptions. Subcaptions are where scores are actually assigned. Subcaptions have a minimum score of 0 and the maximum value is configurable. 

  • Once all subcaptions are entered, click on Save to save your scoring system to your organization's profile. Multiple scoring systems can be entered 

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