School Firewalls

CompetitionSuite utilizes the internet to communicate and transfer data.  To ensure a successful event, please make sure you have an internet connection and that any firewalls at the event location are open for CompetitionSuite.

The CompetitionSuite software communicates over multiple subdomains within To ensure that all aspects of CompetitionSuite work correctly, please allow * through all firewalls and proxy servers.

The CompetitionSuite software uses ports 80 and 443 to communicate.

Here is the breakdown of how CompetitionSuite communicates over the internet:

  • Main CompetitionSuite web site
  • Authentication System
  • Authentication System
  • Score and Data Communication
  • Score and Data Communication
  • Commentary Upload
  • Mobile Commentary Upload and Scoring
  • Performance Video uploading and playing
  • Performance Audio playing
  • Organization provided documents

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