Creating a Scoring System

CompetitionSuite allows your organization to create a scoring system unique to your event or, if available, to use industry-specific scoring systems already saved in the system for your type of event.

*For more information on our scoring system terms, see the help article Scoring Systems Glossary.

Log into your CompetitionSuite account and select your  Organization. (if you have not created on organization yet, click here) Once you have your Organization selected, click on Settings on the right-hand side of the menu, then click on Scoring Systems under the Standard Setup menu.

CompetitionSuite gives you the option to create your own scoring system for your event, or use one of the various saved scoring systems already loaded into the system(depending on the type of competition event). 
If you want to create a new system, click on Create a Scoring System
*In the below example for a Winter Guard competition, CompetitionSuite also includes options for industry-used scoring systems (WGI) that are already updated for ease of use. 

A text box will pop up allowing you to name the new scoring system for your event. Enter the new name and click Save.

At this point, you can customize your new scoring system with Categories, Captions, and Subcaptions, according to your event needs. 
If you want to use an already available scoring system, simply click on the system to open and then click on Clone located at the bottom to create a copy that can be modified if needed. Any modifications can be made by clicking on the edit button:

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