Enabling Event Registration

Event Registration allows for groups to easily register for events directly within CompetitionSuite. To enable Season Membership Registration, follow these steps:

IMPORTANT: If your organization is using Season Memberships, you must set them up prior to enabling Event Registration. For information on setting up Season Memberships, please click here.

  1. Login to your CompetitionSuite Account and select the organization you'd like to work with from the dropdown list on the left.
  2. Click the Season you'd like to work with on the left side menu. If you need to create a new event, you may click the "Create Event" button to do so. For instructions on how to create an event, click here.
  3. Click Setup on the event you'd like to enable registration for.
  4. Click Registration on the left side menu.
  5. Click Allow next to Allow Registration to enable the event registration fields. Complete your details and click Save Registration Details. Here are explanations of what each of the fields do:
    1. Allow Registration - enables event registration for the event you're working with
    2. Registration Begins - the date and time that event registration will open. Groups will be able to see that the event registration opens on the date and time that you set, however they will not be able to click the register button until that date and time are reached.
    3. Registration Ends - the date and time that event registration will close. Groups will no longer be able to see the event on the registration screen after this date and time have passed. Groups will not be able to cancel their registration past this date and time.
    4. Maximum Registrants - The maximum number of registrations your event will accept. Any groups registering beyond this setting will be marked as "Waitlist". As you groups or administrators cancel registrations, the list will fill with the next group listed on the waitlist.
    5. Prices - The amount the groups owe in order to register for the event. In the example below, we have enabled Season Memberships, which allows you to set different prices for different membership levels. In this example, we have one membership level of "Premium".  The "Enabled" and "Disabled" option allows you to restrict what membership levels are allowed to register for a given event.
    6. Note - An optional note that will display on the registration screen, and is visible to the groups.
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