Commentary Overview

This is an overview of the commentary screen in CompetitionSuite.  Commentary is only available at the Bronze, Gold, and Platinum levels.

Playing to Commentary

From the commentary page, you're able to play the commentary that has been uploaded.  To play the commentary, click the gray Play button.  Clicking on another Play button will automatically stop the any commentary already playing and will begin playing the new selection.

Downloading Commentary

You're able to download the commentary that has been uploaded to the system.  To download the commentary, click the Download button next to the appropriate group and caption.

Uploading Commentary

You can click the Upload button to upload a commentary for the appropriate group and caption.  Once you click the Upload button, you'll be asked to find the file on your computer.  After you've selected the file, it will upload to the CompetitionSuite system to be processed.  In a few minutes, the file will be available via the web site.

Viewing Upload History

You can view the history of commentary that's been uploaded by clicking the Upload History button.  This screen allows you to clear the file, listen to files that were uploaded previously, and move the files to the correct group and judge.  More information about clearing commentary can be found  here and more information about moving commentary files can be found here.

Verifying Commentary

Commentary verification allows you to keep track of which files you've checked and which files have not been checked.  It is important to check that files are correct to ensure that your groups do not get the wrong commentary.  By clicking on the Verification button, you will prevent any other files from overwriting the correct commentary file.

Note: Lack of verification does NOT prevent a file from being released to the groups.  To prevent groups from accessing a commentary file, you need to  clear the file from the group/caption.
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