Voting - Create a New Vote

  1. To create a vote, Log in to your CompetitionSuite account. Once in the home screen, open the drop-down box under Overview and click on the name of your organization.
  2. Click Voting in the top ribbon.
  3. Click Create a New Vote and enter the name of your new form. Click Create.Adjust your new Form Details. Here, you can change:
    1. The Vote Name
    2. Visible Toggle - When set to no, the form is not active and cannot be seen by any assigned groups.
    3. Delegate Selection - When set to Disabled, group administrators are unable to change the assigned voting delegate. Only an Organization Administrator can assign a delegate. When sent to Enabled, Group Administrators may set the voting delegate as anyone on their Staff list. IMPORTANT: When Delegate Selection is set to Enabled, only Group Administrators will be able to change the voting delegate. Regular staff members cannot change the Voting Delegate.
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